Littlest Gator

So tomorrow I’m going to be hair model and like I haven’t even practiced faces and angles and I’m going to be this bloody fucking bloated mess. Fuck why am I not more of a babe!!!


Werner Bischof

O wow I’m actually home for once. Message me. I’m bored.






I love Jamie ugh

marry me plz


So fucking flawless

ugh babe


So I was going through my old notebooks from like 2009-11 and found this scrawled in the margins. I believe it was written in-regards to a lover from 5 years ago:

I dreamt you invited me over
It was evening
And your apartment was all white sheet
Reflecting the evening sky and stars outside your windows

I sat amongst your sheets alone
Drawing out each of my thoughts
I waited for you
And when your door did finally open
You did not enter alone.

In appearance she was so much more
But I could not help but feel she was still somewhat less
You made me leave those sheets
A waiting guest outside

Each moment that past waiting in front of your closed door
I felt my heart spill on the floor
All my caring piling against your door

And when you were done I felt empty.
A perfect reflection of what I now was to you.

Matt Holmes